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IPMation – Intellectual Property(IP) application suite is the world’s most comprehensive IP application suite. It helps organizations in IP business process automation, reducing costs and provides in-depth reporting. Executives can also achieve their strategic business objectives by leveraging the IP application suite for Strategic IP Asset Management.

IPMation, our Patent Portfolio Management System helps you manage the patent portfolio and patent application lifecycle of your business. It provides decision support to Executives on patent portfolio, providing strategic value to the organization. A key element of portfolio management is to provide visibility into top performing patents.

The user interface reduces the time to manage an application as well as reducing the legal overheads and empower the user to do more with less.



IKey Benefits

Manage Patent Portfolio with Ease
Gain visibility to Performing patents of strategic value to Business
Provide CLO/Executives with deep insights to build comprehensive patent portfolio optimization strategy to reduce the costs
Inventors can submit their inventions to Patent Review Committee
Keywords Management
Reduce need to type(key in)
Personalized Search, quickly get to the needed information
Personalized Dashboards and Reporting
Pre-built Patent Analytics Reports on Patent Applications
Provide measure of patents usage

IPMation suite has the following products: IPWayz, IP Cost-O-Meter, IP Monetizer, Patenalytics and Patent Prosecution. We can offer individual products per your requirement. For further information please visit other product pages.

For demo and price please contact us at 408-416-3812/512-692-9842 or email us at ipmation@intelligentbiotech.com.