IPWayz – Patent Portfolio Management System identifies the patents of strategic value for the business. Using this software, Executives can achieve patent portfolio optimization and reduce costs. The Case Management module allows inventors to submit potential inventions for patent committee review. Using IPWayz – Patent Portfolio Management System, management gets a deeper insight into prosecution management, to assess the overall performance and effectiveness of the organization.


We offer IPWayz in 4 editions. They are:

IPWayz Startup Edition
IPWayz Professional Edition
IPWayz Enterprise Edition
IPWayz University Edition


Key features

Global Patent Portfolio Management Using this application you can track all the inventions and the patent application filed, being prosecuted, granted, rejected, abandoned or expired.

Patent Portfolio Management System provisions storing of both patent and non-patent literature of interest.

You can track articles, reviews published in Journals, magazines on various patents in the portfolio.

The Quick Search and Instant search allows you to quickly retrieve the data results you need.

Patent Renewals Management

Renewal Reminders. You have the option to receive quarterly or monthly patent renewal reminders in advance of upcoming renewal deadlines.

Role Based Access & Control Role-based access control ensures secured access – ensuring the right person with right credentials see the right information they are supposed to see.

Patent Monitoring – Automatic Alerts and Notification of Actions

Users get auto alerts and notifications as part of prosecution workflow management. Using Case Management, Inventors can submit inventions online for committee review.

Tracking costs with one click

The user can drill down to track specific invoices, amount and payment dates.

Supports integration with enterprise ERP system in a ‘push-pull’ configuration option, eliminating manual entries or possible errors.

Patent Prosecution Management

The application captures all the patent prosecution steps, notifications, actions, and responses.

Patent prosecution history report provides all the information related patent prosecution management.

ERP – Invoice integration provides the ability to integrate and pull invoice data from Oracle E-Business Suite (ERP) or SAP systems.

Information Disclosure Statement – Manage all your invention disclosures as a single source.

Manage Literature of Interest & Non-literature of Interest

Manage Patent and Non-patent literature providing instant insight into the non-patent literature filed till that point of time.

Tracks the Programs and projects for executives to make informed decisions.



Manage Patent Portfolio with Ease
Gain visibility to Performing patents of strategic value to Business
Provide CLO/Executives with deep insights to build comprehensive patent portfolio optimization strategy to reduce the costs
Inventors can submit their inventions to Patent Review Committee
Keywords Management
Reduce need to type(key in)
Personalized Search, quickly get to the needed information
Personalized Dashboards and Reporting
Pre-built Patent Analytics Reports on Patent Applications
Provide measure of patents usage

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