Pintels Bench to Bed Drug Product Market Intelligence Analytics on Demand System is first and the most comprehensive Intelligence provisioning system of its kind.  The unique aspect of Pintels is that, it offers end-to-end intelligence analytics starting from IP/ Patent Intelligence, to products to it’s market intelligence including the post-market performance, safety intelligence, Adverse Event Reports, Enforcement Reports, Product Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Patient Outcomes. Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics deals with multiple data points in the order of patents, product, regulatory information, post market surveillance through adverse event intelligence. This approach would enable  improve drug product quality,  reduce risks and improve patient outcomes  to control diseases. The unique intelligence reports are delivered leveraging big data and analytics. Pintels approach with actionable intelligence offers an opportunity to overcome the challenges in developing great products. Pintels offers extensive advantage for other industries like Molecular Diagnostics, Cellular Diagnostics, Immuno Diagnostics & Testing, Stem Cells and Circulating Tumor Cells. Synopsis of Pintels Bench to Bed Analytics – Drug Product Intelligence


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