Intelligent Biotechnologies offers services in Commissioned Research, consulting, marketing, business development and outsourcing support to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We offer world class services to our clients in advancing the business opportunities. For more information on Commissioned Research, Consulting and Business Development contact 


Commissioned Research & Core-Facility Services

Intelligent Biotechnologies, and TATAA Biocenter, Sweden collaborated to offer commissioned research and core facility services with state of the art equipment in qPCR platforms, pipetting robotics for sample preparation and stations for high throughput analysis. Projects to be undertaken: Development of custom assays for specific research projects, Primer & probe design, RNA extraction quality assessment, Expression profiling studies, Development of disease monitoring tools for hospitals, Determining gene knockdown in siRNA experiments, Set up of immuno qPCR for protein analysis, Assistance in catalysis and interpretation of expression data, Validation of micro array data and Validation of diagnostic kits. Assistance in all stages of the project: Experimental design, Assay development – primer design, Assay optimization, DNA/RNA Extraction and qPCR Data analysis.


Patent Filing Services

We are offering services in the following:

Patent Landscape Reports 

Local or Global Patent Filing

IP Management


Intelligence Analytics Reports

We are offering the following reports for the life science industry:

Patent Intelligence

Product Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence

Market Intelligence



We offer affordable Bio-IT software and statistical data analysis services for research on gene expression with qPCR platforms. We can provide excellent services to Government, academic, nonprofit organizations, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We are also offering training in 21 CFR Part 11. 



Our management team has international experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We offer the following services:
Due diligence
Partner selection
Support as agent for FDA submissions
DMF preparation
Consulting for ANDA submissions
Custom Synthesis and Contract manufacturing
Process optimization
Scale up and pilot scale
Facility development and operations
Training in cGMP
Calibrations and validations of analytical and manufacturing equipment


Business development

We offer support to small, medium biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our model helps in excellent promotion of products and instruments with our access to industry in USA and India. We offer services with transparent and sincere commitment. For details on our services please feel free to contact.